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7 Brochure Design Blunders You Need to Avoid

A corporate brochure can be an effective marketing tool that can boost a business – that is, if it is well-written and well-designed. If it’s not, it could do the opposite of what you want and drive your prospects to your competitors. That means it’s crucial that you do it right! To make sure that you’ll get the most out of your corporate brochure, AMX Print shares some of the biggest mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

7 Brochure Design Blunders to Avoid


Yes, you can overdo your design or put too much information on a corporate brochure. Contrary to what other people think, you shouldn’t include all the details about your product or service as it could all appear cluttered. There should be enough white space and a few eye-catching images to cut up long blocks of text. As much as possible, include only the most essential details that prospective customers would want to know.

Lack of Headlines 

As hinted above, no one likes to read walls of text on a brochure. One way to break your content into smaller chunks is by creating headlines. These headlines will also help guide the prospects and let them know what kind of info they’re getting in the next couple of paragraphs or so.

Low-Resolution Images

One of the most common signs of a poor brochure design is the use of low-resolution images. The brochure will represent your company, so you should only use high-quality images that look professional. Steer clear of stock images, especially those that are blurred. You shouldn’t use photos that are taken from a mobile phone either. Even if smartphones today take really exceptional photos, it’s still best to use ones that are taken by a professional photographer to get the best results. 

Different Fonts

A couple of fonts is fine for a brochure as typography is an excellent way to breathe life into a brochure. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with it because that could be cluttered and confusing, too. If you’re planning to use varying fonts, just stick to two or three at most just to highlight the headlines, the main body of your content, and the CTA. 

Wrong Alignment

Brochures are tricky because they are printed as a single page, but you have to fold them into two or three pages. That means if you do not pay attention to where you’re folding the brochure, you could end up with paragraphs or images that are clipped. Needless to say, that’s not going to look good to your customers. 

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Spelling and grammar mistakes are grave errors when it comes to brochures and other marketing materials. It shows that a company is not thorough enough to check their content first before sending it out for printing. There are lots of customers who get turned off by such mistakes easily, so you need to be really careful and review your content multiple times before printing. 

Poor Quality of Paper or Print

Corporate brochures are often given at expos and seminars. Often, they are the marketing material potential customers base their initial impression on your company on. 

DOn’t make the mistake of skimping on materials so you can save money. Choose high-quality paper where all the words and images would be seen clearly. It should look professional and polished. 


Brochures and other custom stationery used for marketing play a huge role in representing your brand. You should ensure that they’re going to make a positive impression on anyone who gets them. Watch out for the mistakes mentioned in this post and make sure that you only get your brochures printed by a company with a solid reputation, too. 

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