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What Should Be Present When Leaflets and Flyers Are Designed

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When you’re at the designing stage of creating your leaflets and flyers, it’s important to ensure that your components are complete. These marketing materials can be quite an investment to make, so it’s important to get them right on track from the very start. Plus, having a clear and well-created design will lead to a better ROI and higher revenue. 

It isn’t just about having a striking design. Although that will help the leaflets’ effectiveness when marketing to an audience, flyers are meant to contain informative and persuasive content. Here’s what should always make up your leaflet design:


The headline is the text that should be the most emphasised and eye-catching out of what’s typed on the flyer. Most people who receive the leaflet are likely going to take a glance at this and make a quick decision of whether or not they’d like to read further. Make it count.

Try to deviate from headlines that can be wordy and focus on the quality instead. What’s something short and catchy that will get them interested in checking out the rest of the leaflet? What do you want to allude to with your flyer?


Now that you have succeeded in getting their attention with a remarkable headline, it’s time for the information. Support or answer what you had written in the headline. Elaborate what exactly is special about your company and the products or services being offered. 

Try to keep the same principle with the headline and keep your data precise. Information overload is never a good idea as you may overwhelm your readers with it. Have the text written and laid out on the design in such a way that it will be easier \to absorb.


Many recommend sharing case studies or testimonials on your flyers, so be sure to incorporate a few when creating the design. Having potential customers read from your past clientele may help them see how your products or services can be a solution for them. It also just helps fill out an extra panel of the leaflet and keeps it consistent in persuading the reader. 


If you happen to have any free space, consider putting on location details. It can help promote your place of business if you have one and make it easier for the readers to find you. Some companies have also stepped it up by printing QR codes. When scanned, the code should be able to take the reader to a relevant mobile site on their phone. 

Call To Action

Lastly, what you should never leave out from your leaflet is the call to action. Assuming that the readers have read the entire flyer, what step do you actually want them to take? Do you want to put your contact information and have them contact you? Do you want them to check your site?

Remember to keep it simple when constructing your CTA. Much like other texts, keep it short and sweet. Choose one action only to avoid confusion on your reader’s side. If you have too many lined up, they may make the unconscious decision of doing nothing at all.


Reading up on these components should hopefully refresh your mind about what you want to be included in your business’s leaflet or flyer design. Be sure to work with experienced individuals who can elevate your marketing material from its very conceptualisation.

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