How to Make Sure Your Business Signs Work for You

In a world where everything is done online, including advertising and marketing, it may come as a surprise to you that businesses are still using good old signs for their physical stores. But considering how effective they are at grabbing people’s attention, it isn’t a wonder that most small business owners also still rely on store signages to bring in customers. Yet, you must first know how to make the most out of them so that they will be effective for your business.

If you are thinking of getting new signs for your business, here are five vital points that you need to consider:

The sign must be visible 

Most of your prospective customers are in their vehicles, looking through their car windows. You want to be sure that your sign is big and striking enough to catch the eye of those passersby and that they can easily read what’s on it. 

The design must be kept simple

The only thing worse than a sign that isn’t highly visible is one that is too cluttered to understand. For this reason, make sure that your sign is simple with as few words as possible. Avoid crowding it with too many design elements that could just take away from its main message and effectiveness.

It must have an attention-grabbing element

Whether it’s your logo, an eye-catching image, or large fonts for a catchy word or phrase, there must be an element that will draw the eye of anyone passing by. Keep in mind that you want to pique people’s interest with your sign, so it should be anything but bland and boring!

The right colours must be used

Remember that colour has a significant role to play in the design of any sign. When done right, the colour will even be associated with your brand. Think of the unique shade of blue that will always be associated with Tiffany’s or the bright purple that makes you instantly think of Cadbury chocolates. In fact, people can also recognise the specific shade of red used by Coca-Cola even without the name or logo. 

Ensure that you choose a striking and, as much as possible, unique shade that your customers can associate with your brand when they see it.

Some details must be left off the sign

The goal of putting up signs is to entice potential customers to get inside your establishment and check out your products or know more about your services. Because of this, your signs must not have all the information that the customers could decide from the outside whether or not they should see what you’re offering. 

There must be a contrast to improve readability

The contrast used in the sign dictates the readability of the texts. So, if you want your sign to be engaging, make sure that if you have an extremely light background, you’ll use a dark colour for the text and vice versa. You may also want to add a border around the texts to enhance readability further!


It’s true that no matter how advanced technology might get, printed signs will always be a part of marketing strategies. When done right, it will help create an excellent first impression and effectively drive in more customers. By ensuring that it’s visible, readable, enticing, and memorable, your signs can prove to be an effective marketing tool for your business!

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