How to Build Brand Awareness With Fleet Vehicle Advertising

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Advertising is just one aspect of marketing, but it’s crucial to businesses with local target markets and customers that are reachable offline. Those people passing the streets can be the next customer that can trigger a ripple effect and lead your business to success. 

One way to get started with traditional advertising is through fleet vehicle advertising. Your company’s own or rented vehicles can help promote your business, but first, you need to establish a fleet vehicle branding and look for the best large-format vehicle printing services.

With that, let us help you establish a sound fleet vehicle branding with the following foundations: 

Convey Your Brand Message and Personality

Your reputation and branding will generate returns, so focus on them when introducing your name through fleet vehicle advertising. Communicate what your business does and what sets it apart from the competition through the vehicle graphics. Showcase your brand’s personality through the smart use of colours, fonts, and designs.

Get the Right Information 

Only use the right information that can show what your brand and business are all about. Include the business’s nature, company logo, contact information, tagline, products and services, and other crucial information. Keep the content short and strong. It’s a vehicle—not a TV commercial or a social media advertisement—so you need to maximize the medium’s size and capacity. 

Make the Message Stand Out With Colour and Design

The right combination of hues, tones, shades, and colours is one of the most vital foundations of a good fleet vehicle branding. Effective design techniques for large-format vehicle printing can not only catch the attention of passersby, but they can also clearly convey your messages. 

Aim for Coherence and Consistency

Your fleet wraps and graphics should be consistent with your other marketing materials whether they are inbound or outbound. If your business has a website and supporting social media channels, make your fleet vehicles a part of the overall brand campaign. Follow the same voice and design of your other campaigns offline and online to ensure coherence and consistency, and eventually, brand awareness. 

Pay Attention to All Areas of the Vehicle

A vehicle is an unconventional advertising medium because of its size, shape, and function. As such, make sure that all areas of your vehicle can deliver the advertisement’s overall image. Pay attention to all the visible areas. 


Competition is tough in the traditional advertising industry. If you aim to build greater brand awareness, fleet vehicle advertising may be the perfect addition to your marketing strategy. Just look at the evidence: Fleet vehicle advertising is one of the strongest forms of outdoor advertising. It can reach audiences at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other traditional advertisements. What are you waiting for?

Choose AMX Print for Fleet Vehicle Advertising  

AMX Print is one of the most established family-run printing and web design companies in Essex, UK. We have years of experience in the print advertising industry, serving businesses and entrepreneurs in need of fleet vehicle printing in Epping and other neighbouring areas. 

We take pride in turning our clients’ fleet vehicles into marketing machines, and that’s what makes us your best option if you want your business to reach greater heights. Maximize your fleet vehicle advertising opportunities with AMX print, the most-established homegrown vehicle printers in Essex. Reach out to us via phone call or email today!


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