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Key Information about Current Trends in Outdoor Graphics

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One of the fastest-growing marketing and printing industry segments is outdoor graphics. It is mainly due to how modern-day digital printing technology’s capabilities have notably expanded, alongside digital technology’s integration with outdoor signage and outdoor advertising’s commercial success.

You may be wondering what this has to do with you and your organisation or business. Simply put, it’s relevant in the way that social media is. Marketing is vital no matter the industry involved.

Digital Technology Integration

Given its data collection capabilities and interactive nature, digital technology is highly desired. Many advertisers still prefer printed displays, given an aesthetic that’s largely its own. Many companies have been combining the two to get the best of both worlds.

Let’s take the billboard agency WCRS created in London for Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor. They used facial recognition to detect when people were looking at the image of a bruised woman. The more people paid attention to the ad, the faster her injuries healed! It was clear that turning a blind eye to domestic violence does more harm than good.

Commercial Success Increase

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is being recognised for its benefits by many people. This isn’t a surprise since OOH advertising is one of the most cost-effective (if not the most cost-effective) types of advertising. It has constant exposure and a bigger audience than other advertisement types.

Wide Plethora of Materials

New advancements in UV printing have led to a wide variety of high-quality signage for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly popular as UV-printed material protects the substrate from ultraviolet light to prevent fading and give viewers a clear message.

Outdoor advertisements have been using mesh more often since the tiny hair holes let the wind flow freely through the graphic. In turn, less of a force is created against it. 

Much like mesh, fabric is quickly becoming a popular choice. Compared to other types of signage, there’s far more longevity involved, and no glare is created.

Key Benefits of Outdoor Business Signs 

  • Outdoor signs are entirely customisable
  • Outdoor signs are environmentally-friendly
  • Outdoor signs grab the attention of passersby

Outdoor Graphics Trends

Car decals are a good place to start in terms of today’s trends in outdoor graphics. Vehicle ads tend to generate over 600 visual impressions per mile that get driven. In a year, that accounts for impressions in the hundreds of thousands! That said, vehicle ads don’t have to be huge or all-encompassing, mind you! Bumper stickers generate the same number of impressions at a more affordable rate.

Construction site graphics have become wildly popular as well. These are valuable advertising spaces. Door graphics are also becoming far more popular. Doing it just as people walk through the door is great for advertising, and it’s just as ideal for branding.


Outdoor graphics play a major role in out-of-home (OOH) advertising. That is due to the wide plethora of materials available and how it increases commercial success. Outdoor graphic trends include door graphics and car decals.

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