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Conventional Ads: Should You Go for Window Decals or Clings?

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Most entrepreneurs focus on digital marketing, but one should not dismiss traditional promotional schemes, especially if you have a physical store. If so, would it be prudent to invest in window graphics? 

However, should you have it in window clings or window decals? Well, both have benefits and drawbacks. So, let us examine them one by one.

What Is a Window Decal? 

Though you might think window decals and window clings are the same thing, they are different.

A decal is also a static cling made from a single material layer. It is applied to a window via static electricity. So, you do not have to use glue or tape to put the decal on the glass. The product has an adhesive backing, but it will not leave a residue when you remove it.

What Are the Types of Window Decal?

There are three window decals: opaque, perforated, and transparent. A clear window decal is the most common and will not block the view of the product behind it. It is clear, has no perforation, and is the simplest type of window decal. It is ideal for promoting the product within a store.

On the other hand, if you asked an artist to create window graphics in an opaque window decal, it would result in an opaque white background. The only difference between the perforated window decal and the opaque window decal is that the perforated one has pinholes in it. It lets you see what is behind it.

The perforated window decal is perfect for storefronts with multiple glass showcases. The artist can cut the perforation in any shape and size.

What Are Window Clings?

A single layer will not be enough if you want window graphics in a cling. The artist would need to choose two different materials. The first layer is the vinyl on which the artwork is printed, and the second layer is the adhesive applied to the back of the vinyl. The bond remains on the glass as the vinyl is taken off.

When the two materials are put together, they form a cling. It means that the customer can remove the cling whenever he wants.

Window Decals Vs. Window Clings

Though they can perform similar tasks, window decals and clings have a few differences. Window clings are more popular than window decals, and for a good reason; while a decal adheres to the glass and cannot be moved, a cling is easily removable. It can be taken off and applied elsewhere. Some window clings can serve as reusable posters. If the cling is on a door, it can be transferred to another door.


Investing in window clings or a window decal does not mean you should stop advertising in other promotional schemes. It should be noted that window clings are ideal when trying to promote a product in a store. Most window decals are suitable for a storefront with multiple glass showcases.

Whether you will go for a window decal or a window cling, you can have your window graphics made by AMX Print. Our products can help you win more traditional buyers. Contact us for more details.

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