These 4 Tips Will Improve the Fleet Design of Your Service Vehicles

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Running a business in the service industry requires timely and impactful advertising efforts. An example of this is by using vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps that could effectively broaden your reach and capture your target audience in a very short time! So, for wrapping your service cars, ensure that the graphics are well-designed for positive first impressions, as this low-cost effort can give you immediate results if implemented properly.

Here are four tips to improve the fleet design of your service vehicles:

Tip #1: Command Attention

There’s no one way to capture your audience’s audience’s attention, yet it’s the most crucial step when it comes to marketing and advertising your business. So, we’re letting you in on a secret: keeping fleet visuals basic is one of the best ways to attract attention!

Unfortunately, vehicle graphics have a propensity to be overdone. This means too many colours, pictures, and phrases do not assist in catching someone’s attention; instead, they confuse the message.

You can begin by keeping true to your branding. For the wrap, use the same colours, typefaces, and logos as the rest of your marketing collaterals. Try colours and colour contrast to draw the viewer’s attention and use attractive and relevant photos that are both engaging and relevant.

Tip #2: Get Straight to the Point

Now that you’ve attracted potential customers, hold their attention by solving their problems. Answer questions before your customers ask them!

For example, do you provide free service estimates, 24-hour emergency service, or a price guarantee? If so, please spread the word. Let a consumer know whether you can help them address their difficulties, such as internet issues, home heating, or water problems. If these are issues your company can address, customers will be contacting you very soon!

Tip #3: Build Trust Instantly

Perhaps curiosity is not enough. Your customers are going to need to know about your company to trust you. To be convinced that their service provider will deliver, you must share your time in the industry, duration of personnel, or accreditations to prove that you’re a credible choice. Enlightening them of your accolades, client testimonials, and industry memberships may reassure prospects that you are the appropriate pick.

Tip #4: Be Bold

Now that a potential customer’s interest is piqued, the next step is to make it simple for them to reach out to you. Be bold and seal the deal by making use of strong, large, and clear writing that remains impactful to the customer. Make it easy and quick to read, straight to the point, and visually appealing.


Whether you’re a home plumbing service provider, an internet provider, a cleaning service, a fashion designer, a retailer, or a medical practitioner, using effective fleet designs will guarantee you sure buyers and customers. All you need is a carefully strategized design that will generate leads, attract attention, solve problems, develop trust, and offer a call to action.

Don’t miss out on attracting both old and new clients! Use these tips to show potential clients that your service is worth their time and money.

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