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Trifold Brochures: The Benefits of Having Three Folds

While digital marketing is gaining plenty of traction for many startups, it’s no denying that traditional marketing methods are still popular. This is especially true for on-site establishments that utilise print materials best.

Over the years, trifold brochures have become a popular choice for advertising, restaurant menus, tour guides, and more. Trifold brochures are folded in a way that divides them into three panels to help serve the purpose of providing information. These brochures look great, and their unique structure and design can be highly beneficial when used as visual aids and print ads. 

Learn about the many ways these three folds on a brochure can be an excellent choice with this list of benefits:

1. Provides More Information

With the trifold brochure, you have a lot more room to work with when it comes to the amount of information you can put on the brochure. If you are looking for a way to explain a product in more detail or explain services in a meaningful way, the trifold brochure can do that. Furthermore, these brochures also allow you to customise different panels as you see fit to best serve your audience.

2. Dividing Content

On a trifold brochure, each of the panels serves a specific purpose and helps organise the information in a meaningful and logical way. For example, one panel is for information about the product, another panel is for imagery, and the third panel is for the specific services offered. Find different ways to use the three panels creatively, and you’ll be sure to design an eye-catching and engaging brochure.

3. Convenient to Carry

A trifold brochure can also be beneficial because it is easy to carry around. Trifold brochures end up being smaller than a standard one, so they can be stored in a lot of convenient places. They can even fit in your pocket! Convenience may also help people become more receptive to a brochure.

4. Cost-Effective Printing

When it comes to the costs of printing a brochure, trifold brochures are great because they require fewer pages. Being smaller in size than most brochures, you don’t have to pay as much for paper and ink. They are less expensive to print, leaving you more room in your budget for other materials.

5. Engaging Handouts

Trifold brochures can include so much helpful information and great content that it stimulates the reader’s interest and creates an engaging experience for them. Apply the right design, and it will entice them to read its contents, and come away from it feeling informed and educated about the products or services shared.

6. Great Visual Aids

Trifold brochures are also great for speaking engagements, seminars, and trade shows. They help bring visual clarity to any information you share during your presentation. This can be a great option for businesses trying to help educate the public about their brand, products and services.


There are many benefits to drafting, designing and printing trifold brochures for your next marketing campaign. These brochures are the perfect choice for providing detailed information about a product and the business. They are an excellent option for providing eye-catching visuals to help get your brand out there memorably and effectively.

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