4 Myths about Vehicle Graphics You May Have Believed

Vehicle graphics are one of the marketing techniques that many consider “old but gold.” Just like a billboard or a poster, vehicle graphics reach the public where they visit the most. The most significant difference is that this method is mobile. A car could have full or partial graphics on it that can 

But as effective as this is, some people may not know exactly how the process goes that leads them to guess and form an opinion before getting the facts straight. Here are some common myths that simply aren’t true for vehicle graphics.

4 Misconceptions About Vehicle Graphics 

Vehicle Graphics will Mess Up the Windows

Vehicle graphic installers can avoid the window if it’s a no-touch zone for you. But if you’re getting your car a full wrap, the effects on your window are minimal to none. If done correctly, vehicle graphics can be safe on glass surfaces—without obstructing the vision of the driver or darkening the inside of the vehicle too much.

They Can Do Serious Damage on the Car’s Paint Job

Vehicle graphics won’t key your car. They’re adhesive vinyl stickers that stick very firmly but come off when you want them to. The sticker won’t take any piece of your car along for the ride. Think of it as a car wallpaper that can come off with some help. Just like wallpaper, the original paint will stay on the vehicle. 

They Don’t Do Anything for Advertising

Seeing your brand on every corner sets you on the path of good marketing immediately. When you make deliveries, go to events, or keep the car in the parking lot, a lot of people will have the chance to see the sign.

Some people may worry that it’s too “flashy” for their advertising campaign. However, not all vehicle graphics are the same. You can choose or approve a design that aligns with your branding.

Anyone Can Install Vehicle Graphics

Installing vehicle graphics is an art form that requires professional skills and experience to get things right. These adhesives aren’t easy to take off. Plus, you wouldn’t want to ruin the designs that were custom-made for your car. 

Instead of wasting time and money, get a professional with the utmost precision to get it done right the first time. It takes skill to cut the vehicle graphic successfully and apply it on with no creases or wrinkles. These may be giant car stickers, but they are deceptively hard to work with. 


Vehicle graphics make a great way to get your brand out there on the road—literally. These vinyl adhesives carry your brand’s message so well that people may not even notice the effects. Now that you know how it works, you might as well give it a try.

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