Weekly Blog #14 – 4 Useful Ways to Improve Your Leaflet Ads – Our Guide

Advertising continues to lead the way of successfully promoting your product or service to its maximum potential. Either through digital or traditional methods, both strategies still produce promising results and attract more customers. While traditional advertising may fall a few steps behind digital advertising, it is still considered to be affordable and adaptable to change. The use of leaflets still proves to be a creative and engaging method of marketing, depending on the consumers you’re targeting. Whether you’re thinking of producing leaflets using a small or large format, what matters is the content. Because information is what people are after. For tips on how to produce a highly appealing leaflet to gain more customers, read on below. Focus on Attracting People’s Attention It’s a common rule when it comes to marketing. With the wide array of competitors in the market that uses all kinds of advertising solutions, a traditional strategy like leaflets is usually overlooked by most people due to its simplicity. Strive to provide strong headlines, unparalleled images, and striking colours to leave a lasting impression on people. Since leaflets are usually given away to people for free, make sure that when people do get ahold of your ad, they will take their time to stop what they’re doing because your leaflet has caught their interest. Be Direct When You Talk About Your Business People live a fast-paced life, always rushing to get from one point to another. So as much as possible, be straightforward and go direct to the point. Your leaflet should contain the necessary information on your product and service, excluding a lengthy history about your company. Try to keep it short yet substantial. Include the advantages of what people can get out of your brand and what makes you better than your competitors. Provide them with the nitty and gritty details that will essentially lure them to say yes to you and the services you’re willing to offer. Dedicate Effort to Your Brand No matter what kind of marketing strategy you’re aiming to use to promote your business, make sure you uphold your brand and your values along with it. Apply your name and your logo on all your ads to make sure you leave a lasting impression. Your work shouldn’t stop there. Your brand should be particularly distinguished by consumers among other businesses in the industry. That’s why it’s important to highlight your strengths and continue thinking of ways to improve from there. Provide a Call to Action Never forget to include the ways on how your customers can reach you through your leaflet. By providing social media links, your contact details, and the address to your store, you’re inviting people to visit you right away before they miss out on the fun that awaits them. Most of the time, if you tell people you want them to come to you rather than just providing your basic information, they’re more likely to check out what you have to offer them. Because it serves as an invite which ultimately makes them feel special. Conclusion Traditional advertising continues to stand the test of time despite the ever-evolving world we live in. By applying just the right design and content on your ads, people will surely give your brand their time of the day. AMX Print is an independent company that caters to printing in Harlow, Essex. If you’re looking for someone to produce business cards, leaflets, brochures, posters, and more, get in touch with us! We’d be happy to assist you.

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