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3 Reasons Paper Quality Matters a Lot in Print Advertising


While digital advertising is all the craze today, print advertising still holds a special place in many company’s hearts. Not only is it something they relied on previously, but it is still an incredibly effective marketing tool to use. That said, it is still an affordable marketing strategy, meaning that you can use as much print advertising as you want. It is also easy to personalise, and pairing that with the fact that the print materials are tangible just makes the advertising material much more meaningful to the audience.

That being said, when it comes to print ads, one of the most important factors to consider is the paper quality. Here’s why:

1. Lifespan Is Vital to Success

The higher the paper’s quality, the longer it is going to last. This translates to more time being exposed to the audience, bringing more attention. In other words, high-quality paper for the print ad is crucial because it allows the advertising material to last longer, meaning more time to attract more customers.

Meanwhile, low-quality papers will do nothing but disintegrate after a few short days. While it can still attract customers in those short days, it wouldn’t have attracted as many people as if it were made of high-quality paper that lasts a lot longer.

2. Cope with Physical Stresses

More often than not, the print material is going to be distributed by hand to customers. This means that the material is going to be handled in various ways, roughly or carefully. Regardless, high-quality paper print not only can deal with these constant stresses better, but it also maintains its quality for much longer. Whether attached to the wall or in a customer’s bag, high-quality paper means that the ad can still be in good shape despite the physical demands. 

On the other hand, the low-quality paper will start crumbling and even shredding at the slightest of stress. This not only ruins the advertising placed on the paper, but it might also hurt the company’s reputation for using low-quality paper in the first place.

3. Quality Equals Professionalism

No one wouldn’t want the low-quality paper to ruin their reputation. Unfortunately, everything one does is connected to their brand, including the paper’s quality. Picking high-quality paper for the print ads not only makes the ad look better and last longer, but it also gives the recipients peace of mind knowing that the company is a reputable one, that they care for even the tiniest of details.

Low-quality paper, in the meantime, will only hurt the company’s reputation. Quality equals the level of professionalism, and low quality means little to no professionalism.


As you can see, a print ad’s paper quality plays a more significant role than you might realise. It not only dictates how good the ad is going to look and how long it is going to last, but it also affects how a customer perceives the business. To ensure that you maximise your print advertisement strategy as much as possible, always only rely on high-quality paper and reach out to professional printers to print quality print material for you. This way, you can be proud of distributing the ad material to your customers, knowing that you are attracting attention far and wide towards your brand and business.

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