What Makes an Effective Business Signage?: 3 Design Tips

Building your brand’s visibility online is a common strategy that most businesses need to invest in. For this reason, business owners are embracing the modern need for digital transformation, from online transactions to digital marketing. Although it’s necessary to build online rapport with consumers, you shouldn’t forget the value of investing in your physical storefront.

Your business’s visibility to the right target audience is the simplest form of marketing, which is why signages are essential investments for your company. Bright, attractive and compelling banners allow passersby to know what your business is about with few yet effective elements of imagery. Unfortunately, some business owners aren’t aware of how to leverage their signs to affect their operations positively.

Creating an effective signage

Signages can be the difference for consumers choosing your service over nearby competitors. The limited information they will receive from the colours and slogan of choice you choose to present will be the determining factor of converting them into potential customers. Like any form of visual media, there are several ways to make effective signage with a strong positive impact.

If you want to put up business signs that have a strong impact on your business, here are three design tips you should follow:

Design with your audience in mind

Signages are visual outputs that need to prioritise specific visual elements. For example, your sign’s placement must have optimal positioning for the greatest viewability. Additionally, it should call attention and be inviting enough for passersby to know what your business is all about. Although creating a novel design is an important feature, a sign’s informative nature should always be your priority.

Use your brand book’s colours

All famous big-name brands utilise strong colour palettes to have attractive storefronts. These elements are visible from their interior design to their signage’s logos, creating a cohesive visual experience representing their company’s brand of service.

It’s a common design principle to stick within your brand book’s colour scheme when creating signages. Doing so establishes a thematic consistency on your other branding collaterals like logos, product packaging and other materials. Although it’s best to stick to a few colours for signages, you can incorporate complements and contrasts that can reinvigorate your design layouts for a more effective impact.

Prioritise readability

Your signage colours and visual design are necessary to attract a customer’s attention. However, your typeface will dictate whether you’re sending the right message. Remember that an attractive sign won’t impact your business unless it can compel customers to inquire inside your store. This is why you must be effective in utilising your textual elements.

Your signs need to be visible to passersby from a distance. As a general rule, an extra centimetre of letter height will make your letters readable from a metre further. If your company’s current company logo’s typeface is difficult to read, you may want to shift your focus to highlighting your logo instead. Doing so can still create an imposing visual statement to remind customers about what your service is about.


Having a brick-and-mortar shop is necessary for all businesses, whether you’re running a local service or benefiting from an international audience. This is where several forms of print media like signages, banners and business cards can work their magic on prospective customers. Although digital marketing is getting much recognition nowadays, nothing can replace the impact of having quality prints that display the credibility and authenticity of your company.

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