Wayfinding Signs: What They Are and What They’re Used For

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As a business owner, you need to do everything in your power to let your customers know where your establishment is located. While a quick Google Map search can easily help customers find you, posting the right signage is still important so they can pinpoint your location once they’re within the area. This is where wayfinding signages come in handy. It’s a cost-effective way to market your business and provide information to your customers about your location.

What Is Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding signages are mostly used to direct human and vehicular traffic. Those “no parking” signs or those that indicate different highway exits are perfect examples of them. However, many businesses also use wayfinding signage as a form of advertising and marketing peripheral. In a sense, it is a customer-focused, directional guide that can also be used to highlight sales points or areas where certain products are being sold.

Types of Wayfinding Signages

There are actually different types of wayfinding signages that are being used by many industries today, and they are:

  • Informational – Signages are a great way to disseminate information to the public, particularly those who are within a particular area. Have you ever noticed how convenient it is to buy groceries with all the signs plastered everywhere telling you where to go or where a particular item is? That’s what informational signages are for.
  • Identification – If some signs tell you the way, others will tell you exactly where you are. This is what identification signages do for most people. It informs them that they’ve arrived at their destination. This can range from signs above the restroom doors to the pay points or creating signage for your latest sales area.
  • Directional – Of course, the most prominent use of wayfinding signage is to help customers get from A to B. Directional signs can be as simple as an arrow pointing where the ‘customer service’ is or a whole host of directional information to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Warning Signs – While wayfinding signages are great for leading you to a particular location, they can also be used to force you away from a particular place or prevent you from doing something prohibited. It could also tell people what to do in a fire and how to make their way to safety. Warning signs work to warn you and offer you support.

Using Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

For businesses, wayfinding signs can also be used to their advantage. In fact, they can be used to tell information, direction, and warnings as well as act as an advertising tool. Wayfinding signs that are used to market a product or service have the potential to boost the perception of your customers about your business as well.

You can use wayfinding signs as a landmark, direct left/right, or add some beautifully coloured or plain icons on the signage. Symbols, arrows, words or even your company’s logo can be incorporated to create a custom look. Make sure the design you go for should be appealing yet easy to read and understand. Remember, keep your signages looking simple to better deliver your message.


Wayfinding signages are a crucial element of any building, commercial area, or just about any location. People basically rely on these signages every day to help them get to their destination safely and become more informed along the way. It only makes sense to use these signages to help customers find their way to your business.

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