Under the Wraps: 3 Common Vehicle Graphic Designs to Avoid on the Road

In an internet-driven, dog-eat-dog landscape, businesses need to explore innovative ways to take their marketing efforts to the next level. When it comes to catching attention on the fly, one of the latest marketing tools to expand your reach beyond traditional and digital channels is to go mobile using vehicle wraps. 

Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to display your branding on the road, attracting passers-by and allowing you to work for your bottom line even when stuck in gridlock traffic. Businesses that also handle deliveries and transportation can benefit the most from navigating busy streets with your brand’s advertising in full display, but there are design mistakes that can ruin the wrap and take away from your message. 

If you want to maximize your vehicle wraps and ensure it generates positive traffic, steer away from common vehicle wrap design mistakes below!

Mistake #1: Going for a Busy Design 

It’s tempting to squeeze in as much information and promotional materials on your vehicle wrap, but the more details you add, the harder it will be for others to read your design. Simplicity is key when it comes to boosting your impact on the road, especially if you intend on advertising while speeding down the highway. 

If you want your design to be understandable at first glance, then you only need to stick to the core values of your branding: your logo, name, key services, and contact information. The best designers can say plenty using minimal elements, so always opt for straightforward yet relevant graphics. 

Mistake #2: Opting for Low-Contrast Colours and Unreadable Typography

Many design trends are embracing pastel colour schemes and fancy type fonts, but all your vehicle graphics need to be digestible on the go. With that in mind, the colours should catch people’s attention, while the words should be eligible enough for people to pick up even from a distance. 

Using contrasting elements should help highlight your message and increase brand awareness all in one go, so long as the message remains clear no matter where the road takes you. 

Mistake #3: Incorrect Vinyl Wrap Installation 

Even when you have the most impactful graphic wrap, everything will be a moot effort if the installation is incorrect. The car should be free from any oils, grease, and other dander that can damage the vinyl, while the application should be perfect in every way to prevent any visual issues from ruining your graphics. 

Some problems that can immediately turn off viewers is when the graphics have colour distortions, damages, patchy areas, warp, bubbling, or over-stretched. That’s why hiring a professional vehicle graphic designer is paramount to ensure you can put your branding efforts behind the wheel and drive success for your business. 

The Bottom Line: Steering Clear from Vehicle Graphic Design Mishaps that will Ruin Your Wrap!

Many graphic design mistakes can weaken the impact of your vehicle wraps, but all these errors can be avoided by hiring wrap professionals to get the job done right the first time!

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