Things To Do When Your Vehicle Graphics Get Damaged

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Accidents happen all the time. The aftermath of a collision can be as small as scratched paint on a fender or as severe as the complete totalling of the vehicle. Vehicle graphics are wrapped all over the car and are unfortunately exposed to damage if there’s ever a collision or crash occurring on the street. 

Some can get away with an unnoticeable scratch, but it can be rather worrying if the printed design is almost unrecognisable due to the damage inflicted on the vehicle. If you’re recently been involved with a vehicular collision that damaged your vehicle graphics, here’s what you’ll have to do:

Undergo Reparations

Vehicle owners have to understand that vehicle graphics can’t be evaluated and replaced properly if the surface it’s installed on still has clear signs of damage from the accident it underwent. Whether it’s a car or van, have the vehicle repaired first to ensure there’s a clean, beautiful surface to work on that won’t be tampered with afterwards. 

Assess the Vehicle Graphics

Once all the repairs are done, it’s time to assess the damage inflicted on the vehicle graphics. There are different kinds of conditions vehicle graphics can be in after an accident. With luck, you’d only need to repair a portion of it. However, there are some damages that would require the whole wrap to be replaced. 

If the wrap has been peeled and removed in noticeable areas, the vehicle can look tainted and not pleasing to look at, which is a contrast to the whole point of having a print on it in the first place. Plus, the graphic itself wouldn’t be understandable because of all the ripped sections.

Loose edges and bubbles can also be a problem once the vehicle is restored and the vehicle graphics are being checked. This may not be due to incorrect placement when the wrap was initially placed but because of the surface underneath bearing the brunt of being bent.

Additionally, the vehicle graphics may have been fading and getting discoloured already. Although it isn’t because of the immediate damage caused by the accident, the evaluation of the print that follows right after may just help you realise that a replacement was necessary.

Process the Vehicle Graphics Replacements

Following the assessment, it’s time to get a replacement for your vehicle graphics. Whether or not you’re going to have the same design layout printed out, choose your vehicle graphics printer carefully. This is especially true if you weren’t happy with the past installation job!

There are two types of graphics to keep in mind when having a replacement process. OEM graphics, which refers to vehicle graphics applied directly by the manufacturer, can be covered with good quality vinyl graphics that provide fantastic adhesion.

If your vehicle didn’t come with the graphics and they were applied by a third party, you’d be dealing with aftermarket graphics. This can be harder to repair and replace due to the quality. A complete colour match is needed if the vehicle owner wishes to replicate the design.


It is possible to get your damaged vehicle graphics repaired and replaced. It just takes a meticulous eye to redo the design created and smooth it. When done well, the vehicle and its print will look as good as new. 

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