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5 Awesome Tips for Perfectly Branded Stationery for Success

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Branding is what keeps every business apart and unique to each other. It is crucial in any business, big or small. It allows you to build on your brand’s image and establish the trust and awareness of your consumers.

Stationery has a huge part to play in branding as it makes your small business stand out whilst allowing you to promote to your prospective clients. Some examples of stationery include business cards, notepads, envelopes, labels, and much more.

There’s a lot of potential and possibilities you can do for your business. But before starting with your branded material, you need to consider five things to help you create perfect branded stationery and attain customer satisfaction and growth in your small business.

Details Are Important

First impressions can take a matter of seconds. Even for your small business, making the first impression to create a great customer experience can only take a few seconds but can sometimes leave a permanent mark.

Launching a branded business card or an envelope can leave a positive impression if you use branded stationery for a first-time prospective customer. Your design and materials should be high-quality and enticing, not pixelated, too plain, overly designed, or low effort. 

Moreover, your branded stationery should also resonate with what your business is all about whilst still being visually appealing. This involves using images, colours, fonts, and other necessary design elements for your stationery.

Consistency Is Key

Successful branding requires consistency. This is an essential ingredient in building positive perceptions from customers. Your customers will feel assured when you have cohesive branding, eventually building trust and loyalty.

Having branded stationery should be consistent with enforcing brand recognition and awareness. Consistency in your brand means that you are continuous with the message and images, increasing your revenue by 33 per cent.

In other research, brands presented consistently are more likely to have three to four times brand visibility than others. 

This is why small businesses need to have consistently branded stationery. Your logos, fonts, materials, colours, and other design elements should match each other and with your online branding as well.

Avoid Using Similar Elements Like Other Brands

Brands you take inspiration from can help you establish your own. But overexposing yourself to other businesses may subconsciously make you use colours, styles, and design elements associated with your pegs. The last thing that you want is for your prospective customers to be confused about which brand they are looking into supporting.

As much as it’s great to get inspiration from successful brands, you may want to stick with your own brand colours and design elements. After finalising your branding, you can add it to your stationery, such as notebooks, envelopes, and business cards.

Display Your Brand Personality

According to research, you need at least five to seven impressions before your prospective customers remember your brand. So you must establish what exactly your business is and what products or services you can offer to them.

You can achieve this using branded stationery. It can help you establish your image and personality, allowing you to work on your brand story and build your relationships with your customers.

Using branded stationary, you can showcase your personality through your brand colours. Don’t underestimate the power of colours. Research shows that 60 to 80 per cent of customers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by the product’s colour alone. 

Applying signature colours can also increase brand recognition by up to 80 per cent. Imagine if you use these colours to leverage your branded stationery.

Use Stationeries You and Your Customers Will Use

We’ll give you a hint. Not all branded materials are necessary for your small business. You need to understand your customers’ needs and even consider your business’ needs.

Choosing the right stationery depends on what your business and your customers may enjoy using, so you won’t have to spend money on materials that you don’t use.


Branded stationery can boost your brand visibility, recognition, and brand loyalty if you use these materials the right way. Incorporating your brand colours to attract people toward your brand and using the right stationery can help reach your goals, ultimately leading your business to success.

AMX Print can help you create the right branded stationery for your small business in Epping. That way, you can gain more visibility, recognition, and loyalty from your prospective and existing customers. Let’s get started with your branding when you contact us today!

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