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The Lowdown on Flyers and Brochures: Can You Use Them Both?

Flyers and brochures are important in every business, regardless of the advancements in technology. These printed materials remain to be effective marketing tools that businesses continuously benefit from. However, what’s the difference between the two? 


A flyer is a single, unfolded printed sheet used to draw attention from audiences. It contains a simple message and is generally printed on an 8.5” x 11” paper size. Additionally, flyers only have printing on one side of the paper. 

Flyers are usually distributed by hand in high-traffic areas, where a lot of people walk by. They can also be folded, tabbed or placed in an envelope. 

Compared to a brochure, a flyer has a shorter lifespan, which is why it is the one generally used for one-time events. Flyers are also usually printed on lightweight paper, but you can print it out on thicker paper as well.


A brochure is similar to a flyer, but it has printing on both sides. It contains folds to create multiple panels or pages of information, like a C-fold or a more creative double gatefold. 

Brochures also come in various custom sizes, and they’re usually of a heavier paper weight. Simply put, a brochure is designed to be more durable because it is meant to be kept around. 

Compared to flyers, brochures aren’t distributed freely. Usually, they’re only given to people who show initial interest. This is because there’s more money involved in brochure production; hence, they just don’t give them away so freely. Also, brochures contain more in-depth information about the company, products or services, so it’s only smart to hand them out only to those who are interested.

Brochures are more focused on quality because they are used to showcase a product or service or promote a brand. 

Flyers vs. Brochures: Which One Should You Use? 

If you only need to communicate a bit of information, a flyer will be a good choice. Since they’re more affordable, flyers are easy to give away, and they’re great to make people excited about your brand or an event. 

On the other hand, brochures are for the next step—when someone already shows interest in what you have to offer. These individuals are interested in knowing more before making a purchase; therefore, consider a brochure as a more in-depth guide containing the kind of information they need. It is used as a reference material, which is why you need to ensure high quality if you want your customers to really take the time to go through it. 


Flyers and brochures are both important. In fact, one isn’t better than the other because most of the time, business owners need them both as part of their marketing campaigns. Flyers are great to share a bit of information and to be given more freely to passersby, while brochures are ideal for potential clients. Either way, you want to ensure they’re high-quality and contain all the necessary information a customer will need. So, look for a reliable printing company that can produce both.

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