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Promoting Your Business With Flyers: Doing it Effectively


In a world where we are fast adopting digital communications in most, if not all, of our practices, a few remnants of traditional techniques remain. Foremost of these are flyers, a marketing tool whose impact is left underappreciated. 

The trick with flyers is having to do them right. Without the proper preparation and plan in mind, it would be hard for almost anyone to feel their effect. That’s because of what makes them work– effective design, proper distribution, and the right plan.


Before anything else, the flyer must be planned out well from the start. The most important factors affecting the impact of your flyer in this phase are:


Who is this for? And for what purpose? These are just two of the questions you should be able to answer, most especially if you’re planning on having a big flyer campaign. If you think about it, there are flyers for most kinds of purposes, some merely inform readers of a promo while others are used to announce an event or something similar.

It wouldn’t do you good to try to make these too multi-purpose either. Say, for example, you own a cafe or a restaurant– in this situation, having your menu on a flyer while simultaneously promoting a big event. The thing is, people have a limited attention span. You wouldn’t want to give them a hard time. 

Target Audience

Who is this flyer for? While it may seem a practical decision to cater to everyone when writing the copy for your flyer, it would serve you better to identify a specific group so that you are guaranteed a bigger impact. 

Your earlier marketing analysis should be helpful here. Who does your business primarily serve? This group or niche should be the target audience of your flyer. Alternatively, if you’re trying to bridge the gap between you and a different group, a flyer should be helpful as well.

Time Frame

If this flyer is meant for an event that your business will be in charge of, take care to make sure that you time the release of the flyers appropriately. Release them too early, and your audience might forget about it; too late, and they might not have enough time to get ready. 

At this point, it would be more dependent on the event in question. Will it need people to set aside money? Set aside time? Determine these parameters and you should be able to plan better. 

Flyer Design

This phase should be the most enjoyable part as this is where your creativity will come into play. That said, you should still take care to make sure that all the important design aspects are respected in your flyer. 

Some things you need to keep in mind for this are the legibility of the text, the ease of recall, and the aesthetics. If all three of these are executed properly your flyer should prove effective for your purposes. 

Take care to include important information such as contact details and addresses. This way, you are at least guaranteed better familiarity with your audience. 


At the end of the day, what makes the flyer effective is how much planning is put into it. With the right information, your company is assured a flyer campaign that will yield real results, proving itself to be an effective marketing tool. 

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