Purposeful Design: How to Make Fleet Graphics Work for You

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Fleet graphics is not one of the newer tactics when it comes to marketing strategies. It isn’t new, but do most people use it effectively? Most of the time, they don’t. After all, trying to cram so much information on the side of a vehicle that will move at around 55 kph will not be as effective as having all that information on a sign that is standing still for people to scrutinize.

There are far too many mistakes that can be committed if marketers are not careful. This is why it is imperative that while deciding what type of information goes into the fleet graphics, marketers need to know their purpose. What target audience are you trying to reach? What type of brand are you advertising? These are only a few of the most important considerations that need to be made when designing fleet graphics.

Purposeful Design: How to Make Fleet Graphics Work for You

Fleet graphics work wonderfully when it comes to attracting the attention of your target audience. However, it has to be done right. This article will help shed light on the important considerations to think about when you create your vehicle sticker design.

Important Aspects of Fleet Graphics

1 – Call to Action

The first and probably most important thing you need to think about is how to incorporate a call to action sign in your fleet graphic stickers. A call to action sign will help drive traffic to your business and let people know how to get in touch with you should they be interested in purchasing your product or service. Creating stickers with a clear and easy-to-understand call to action sign will be a great way to attract potential customers.

2 – Product Information

The next thing you need to think about is how to add information about your product into the design of your fleet stickers. You have to make sure that you will be able to introduce your product without taking too much attention away from the call to action line in the design. You will want to captivate your customers’ attention and have them look to the call to action to contact you about the product when they see the advertisement.

3 – Branding

Lastly, your vehicle stickers should include information about your brand. Who are you? What ideals do you represent? What do you want to be known for? All of these should be included in your fleet sticker design. 


The first step to designing any type of advertising or marketing message is to know what you would like to achieve from the marketing effort. Would you like to bring in more sales? Make your target audience aware of your new online store? Do you have a new product that you want to advertise? These are all important questions to ponder on while you try and figure out your main purpose for your vehicle stickers. 

Once you will have worked out your marketing message, you will be ready to print out the graphic stickers to place on your fleet of vehicles. These will be long-term marketing instruments that will help get the word out about your brand. At this point, your goal will be to find a reliable print shop to have your fleet graphics printed.

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