3 Tips to Remember for Creating Effective Business Cards

man holding business card

You may have heard of the popular quote, “The first impression is the last impression”, which bodes true when you give your business cards to people. While you may think this paper-based means of disclosing personal information is obsolete, it is actually still the standard in many industries due to its convenience and professionalism in presenting oneself. 

With these realities in mind, you may be afraid that you may print something that will just be tossed into the bin. To prevent this from happening, consider the following tips for printing effective business cards: 

  • Picture yourself as a brand and translate it into your card

When you are first exposed to the corporate world, you can expect to meet plenty of co-workers, superiors, and even a few leaders in their respective fields. If you want to impress them and make a strong connection, you should be memorable since many people often meet various individuals on a regular basis. Additionally, you also have to compete against more established professionals since they may even beat you through their online profiles and portfolios. This reality illustrates that self-branding or knowing how to market yourself is of utmost importance. 

In the case of your business card, think about how you want to portray yourself to others. For instance, if you are a seasoned entrepreneur with an upcoming career in influencer marketing, place your YouTube logo on the back and your channel intro as your slogan. Your personality, creative outlook on life, and other related differentiating factors may all be part and parcel of printing an effective business card. Therefore, take the time to practice some introspection and think about what you want to put on your card. 

  • Choose clear typography and visually appealing colour combinations

You may already know about the important details you have to place on your business card since this is common knowledge across many industries. In fact, you can easily search for a list online, and you are all set. What you do want to watch out for is how these details are placed onto the card, like the spacing, the text’s colour, the background patterns, and typography. In other words, your card’s design should be one of your top priorities. 

The good news is you can find online graphic design platforms and computer templates ready for your convenient use. Just ensure you add your own twist to it since you may end up having a similar format for your business cards as most others if you don’t take the time to reconfigure the elements. Fortunately, you can do this easily, and it takes minimal effort to create your final template.  

  • Invest in high-quality business card printing

You may already be familiar with the standard printing dimensions for business cards, which is 85 millimetres wide and 55 millimetres high. It mimics the same length and width of credit and debit cards. However, take note that countries and certain territories have different dimensions, so it can be difficult to determine the appropriate fit.

Also, you may have trouble printing them due to the ink quality, graphic-to-paper yield, and costs for mass production. As such, it would be best to identify with a reputable business card printing company to ensure top-notch cards you can be proud to have and give to various people. 


Having effective business cards can be a useful tool for your professional development, especially if you want to be remembered fondly during the first contact. Just ensure that you remember all the tips mentioned above, plan what you want to see on your card through appropriate formatting, and refer to other cards posted as samples online. Meanwhile, put your best foot forward by partnering with reputable printing experts like us. 

AMX Print offers professional business card printing in Harlow and nearby areas to ensure you can make the best first impression during job interviews, networking events, and other career-building affairs. We can also do custom stationery and printed promotional aids for your convenient use. Place your order today to leave your mark, nurture connections, and boost your prominence in your chosen specialisation. 

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