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Business Card Etiquettes—What to Know to Not Offend Anyone

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When it comes to giving business cards, you might think that simply handing in your card is enough to spread awareness of your business. Of course, that might be the result, but did you know that simply getting someone’s attention and handing them a card with one hand can be considered rude? That’s right! Different cultures treat business-card-exchanging differently, and if you want to make sure you make a good name for yourself and your business, you need to be aware of them.

The Basic Business Card Etiquette

There are a few basic etiquette rules that should be followed when exchanging business cards, no matter what country you’re in. For starters, always use two hands when giving or receiving a business card. This shows respect and helps to avoid any awkwardness. It’s also important to take a moment to look at the card before tucking it away; you never know when you might need to reference it later.

When it comes to business cards, first impressions count. Make sure your car is clean, crisp, and free of any smudges or creases. If you’re exchanging cards with someone from another country, it’s a good idea to have one side of your card translated into the language of that country. And finally, don’t be afraid to use a little creativity when designing your business card. A well-designed card will help you stand out from the competition.

Extra Business Card Etiquette Tips for Different Countries

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when exchanging business cards:

– In some cultures, it’s considered rude to write on someone’s business card. If you need to make a note of something, do it discreetly.

– In China, it’s considered polite to exchange business cards with both hands.

– In Japan, it’s considered rude to exchange business cards without first introducing yourself.

– In Korea, it’s considered rude to exchange business cards without first bowing.

– In India, it’s considered rude to exchange business cards without first shaking hands.

Instances to Break the Rules of Business Card Etiquettes

There are a few instances where breaking the rules of business etiquette may be acceptable. For example, if you are meeting with someone from a culture that has different customs than your own, it may be okay to break the etiquette rules in order to avoid any potential awkwardness or offence. Additionally, if you are in a situation where following the rules would put you at a disadvantage, it may be okay to break them in order to level the playing field. However, these instances should be rare and should only be done after careful consideration.


Business etiquette is essential for anyone working in the business world. By understanding and following the basic rules of etiquette, you can ensure that you make a positive impression on potential clients, customers, and business partners. Additionally, following proper etiquette can help to create a more positive work environment and can make it easier to work with others. And finally, in the world of business cards, knowing the etiquette ensures that you’re giving away cards respectively to shed light on professionalism for yourself and your business.

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