Are Business Cards Dead? Big Reasons You Still Need Them in 2021

Business cards are traditional business collateral that has been used for centuries. These cards were born in Europe in the seventeenth century and were utilized by rich aristocrats to announce their arrival into towns or homes. 

Today, although everything has gone digital — from sending emails, signing contracts, sending proposals, to attending meetings — business cards are the one thing that the digital world won’t replace anytime soon. 

Business cards give a sense of professionalism and are an effective form of marketing since it incorporates your brand’s personality and professional style. With that being said, your cards must follow a fundamental purpose and ensure that your contact information is well-received by your client. 

For this reason, you must work with reputable printing companies like AMX Print to ensure that you produce well-designed, portable business cards for you and your team. 

If you’re still iffy about business cards and unsure about incorporating this “old school” marketing form into your business, read on. Here are some reasons you should still have business cards with you when you leave your home or office. 

Reason #1: Keeps Longer Relationships

One of the most important tasks that will help your business succeed in a competitive marketplace is networking. With networking, you create strong, lasting, and genuine personal connections that could benefit you and your business in the long run. 

An important activity during networking events is exchanging business information with your peers, which is often done the traditional way — by swapping business cards. 

Exchanging business cards encourage eye contact, which establishes a trusting connection with your peers. When you exchange information digitally, the authentic connection is lost, damaging your chances of creating better relationships. 

Reason #2: Effective Direct Marketing Tool

Thanks to tradeshows, industry conferences, airport lounges, and other events, you have bigger chances of connecting with industry leaders and peers that could help propel your business. One effective tool that could help you grab business opportunities is by having your business cards ready with you for a potential exchange. 

Several marketing techniques help attract leads and prospects. Still, nothing is as effective as in-person meetings with handshakes and business card exchanges. 

Reason #3: First Impression of Your Brand

Although a business card is relatively small and won’t typically go over four inches, it still has a powerful role in creating the first impression to potential leads, clients, partners, and investors. 

An effective business card does more than just provide relevant contact information. It also gives your client an idea of your brand’s personality. Because of this, it’s essential to work with a reliable designer and printing company, like AMX print, to ensure that you get the desired look and feel for your business cards. Trust us — this will surely up your marketing game!

The Bottom Line: Always Have a Handful of Business Cards Ready Before You Head Out

There’s a reason business cards are still being used in the professional field. Besides the fact that it’s portable and could fit in your wallets and bags, it’s an effective way to provide your contact information to relevant people and creates a lasting impression on professionals you connect with. 

So spend time designing your business cards and have them printed by a reliable printing company like AMX Print. You’ll be giving out impressive business cards to leads and clients that will help your business flourish in a competitive marketplace. 

Why Choose AMX Print?

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