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6 Advantages of Using Acrylic Photo Blocks to Display Photos


Acrylic photo frames have been around for some time. Through acrylic photo blocks are perfect for displaying photos of outdoor scenes and landscapes. The 3D effect created by the acrylic gives the photos a polished look.

Although there are modern means of displaying photos, they are still a popular choice in displaying photos. They have a pretty wide range of uses, including displaying certificates and artwork and using them like traditional photo frames.

You can even make your own acrylic photo blocks to showcase distinctive colours and details of pictures, adding depth and richness to the images. This contrasts with conventional photo frames that simply hold views flat against the wall.

Here are other six advantages of using acrylic photo blocks to display photos:

1. They Are Four Times Stronger than Glass

Acrylic photo blocks are much stronger than glass and, therefore, less likely to break. This is due to their composition. Acrylic is a polymer, and consequently, they are plastic, unlike glass which is a brittle material.

This makes acrylic photo frames more durable than glass and more flexible, easier to transport, and lighter in weight.

2. They Are Shatterproof

Acrylic photo blocks are shatterproof, which means that they will not splinter into shards if they break. This is due to the polymer composition of acrylic, which means the material shatters into smooth, rounded pieces rather than jagged fragments.

Many people choose acrylic photo blocks over glass because they are less likely to break.

3. They Are Resistant to Water

Acrylic photo blocks are resistant to water damage, making them an attractive option for use as a photo frame in bathrooms or near swimming pools or spas. Acrylic is hydrophobic, which means that it repels water.

Since they’re practically waterproof, acrylic photo frames can be used both indoors and outdoors. They make a great photo display for the deck or patio, for example, or along a swimming pool.

4. They Are an Excellent Choice For Outdoor Use

The photo frames are resistant to UV damage, which means that the sun’s rays will not discolour the photos inside the blocks. The UV-resistant properties of the photo holders also protect the images from damage from water, dust and mildew, and fingerprints. The frames are also non-porous, which means they resist scratches, scuff marks and dents.

5. They Are Lighter than Glass and Easier to Clean

Acrylic photo blocks are easy to clean. You can wipe a stained photo clean with a cloth, making it ideal for cleaning fragile items like pictures and certificates.

Since acrylic photo blocks are much lighter than glass, they are a more suitable option for home use and display on a wall or shelf. Most glass photo frames are heavy, so you need to ensure that the picture frame is securely fixed to the wall. Thankfully, acrylic photo frames are lightweight, which makes them easier to hang.

This also makes the photo frames a popular choice for displaying pictures in the home. They are easier to clean and decorate. You can use picture frames for colour, pattern and texture in the house, and you can add a touch of colour with a frame that complements hues and translucent back.

6. They Are Cheaper Than Glass

Acrylic photo blocks are significantly cheaper than glass photo frames. This is one of the reasons they are so popular.

An acrylic photo frame is often cheaper than a comparably sized glass frame. However, there are many different sizes and styles, so you will find acrylic photo blocks in various price ranges, colours, and shapes.


Due to these unique characteristics of acrylic photo blocks, they have become the more popular choice compared to glass photo frames. They are the best way to showcase your pictures durably and uniquely. You can even have your favourite photographs custom-printed to the size of your acrylic photo frames for a more personalised photo block design for your space.

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