4 Design Ideas That Can Make Your Flyers Stand Out

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Handing out or putting up flyers has always been an effective way to grab the attention of people from all walks of life. The beauty of this marketing material is in its simplicity! Compared to posting advertisements in newspapers or online, a flyer can still do wonders for your business without any hassle. 

A flyer, however, can only make a difference if you dress it up with a striking design paired with words that will surely turn heads. Like any other form of advertisement, there’s competition to be factored in—which is why nothing short of excellence will suffice. 

Here are some design tips to help you make flyers that stand out and be the talk of the town:

Show With Words, Speak With Images

Graphics is perhaps the very first thing a potential customer will notice about your flyer. A stunning photo or illustration will serve as the focal point of your ad. The words, however, will keep them interested. 

While images set the mood and grab the reader’s attention, a snappy headline or title will sustain that attention. Imagine the graphics as the bait, and the words or the message act as the hook. 

A good flyer opens with something memorable, unusual, or sometimes even outright provocative. Here’s a couple of power phrases and words you can use on your flyer:

  • “Discover…”
  • “The Secrets to…”
  • “Finally…”
  • “Now You Can…”
  • “Free…”
  • “Proven…”

A stunning image coupled with powerful words is the one-two punch combo of any ad. If done correctly, you’ll have customers left and right clamoring for what your business has to offer.

Less Is Always More

There’s a fine line between “stunning graphics” or ”striking images” and an eyesore of an ad that looks like a blot on the landscape. 

Some design elements can prove to be more of a distraction than something that adds value to your flyer. It’s best to avoid overcomplicating things in your design.

Good design practice entails using only two typefaces: one for the headline or subheadings, and one for the body of the text. No matter how many words you want to put in an ad, using five different typefaces will make your flyer stand out in a very bad way!

Aligning items in a grid is also a great way to keep design elements organized. Most layout programs use grids as a guide. Some have a “snap to guidelines” feature to align items easily using guidelines as an aid. Keeping elements within the boundaries of the grid is a good way to make sure you don’t make your flyer look too cramped.

Lastly, it’s important to focus on the benefits of your product and service. When looking at your flyer, a potential customer will usually ask themselves, “what’s in it for me?” The answer to that question should be prominently displayed in your ad. To that end, keep the text short and straightforward and avoid walls of text or long paragraphs.

Contrast Is Key

Colors play a key role in making a flyer stand out. To maximize the use of colors, take advantage of using contrast. One of the simplest ways to do that is to incorporate some white space to give certain elements a chance to pop out of the flyer.

Highlighting your titles and subtitles in bold is another trick in using contrast. Emphasis on key phrases will lead your audience to details that matter the most. Using ALL CAPS, however, can look a bit jarring. Use it sparingly and only if it improves on the design of the flyer.

Discounts Do Better

Who doesn’t like a discount on anything? A flyer with coupons or discounts is a surefire way to catch anyone’s attention. However, you always have to be mindful of where you place your offer on the flyer. 

Make the promo easy to spot and clear. Another option is to design a coupon at the bottom of your paper ad—this will encourage your audience to actually read through the entire flyer and keep it after reading it.

Make sure to clearly state the limitations of the offer. You don’t want to get in trouble with your customers because of unclear mechanics or an incorrect deadline.


Designing a flyer requires great execution of design concepts to make it an effective form of advertisement. Remember, the use of contrast and balance is key to making this possible. On top of that, the words and images that add value to the design should be prioritized above all! Anything less than that should be put on the chopping block.

At the end of the day, someone with a good eye on design is always the best option, as they can offer great insights on the design of your flyer. AMX Print does exactly that! We offer printing and brand design solutions for your home and business. For web design, graphics, and business card printing in Epping, Essex, turn to AMX Print. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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