3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Using Vehicle Graphics

As a business owner, you have to do what it takes to promote your products and services. It should be a way to create a lasting impression on target customers, set yourself apart from your competitors, and attract your target market’s attention. This way, you can stay on top of your chosen industry,  

One effective way to do this is to advertise through vehicle graphics, which involve using attention-grabbing vehicle wraps to non-intrusively and cost-effectively reach out to your customers. Just be wary of your decision making. 

For instance, many business owners often make mistakes by limiting their budget with this advertising method. But you shouldn’t cut corners, especially to get the most out of your fleet graphics. Here are some errors you have to avoid at all costs when using vehicle graphics:

Creating your design on your own

You could potentially reach many viewers depending on how far your vehicle travels or how many cars you use for promotions. In other words, you can attract a larger audience with this method than almost any other advertising form. 

Now, imagine if your vehicle wraps are badly designed because you attempted to prepare them yourself to cut down your costs. It can have negative impacts on your branding image. Keep in mind that a bad message can be worse than no message when it comes to car graphics. 

Vehicle wraps require three-dimensional designs. Therefore, instead of doing a DIY design, hire experienced graphic designers specialising in 3D illustrations to promote your brand and present your image professionally and effectively.

Using the wrong material

High-quality adhesive vinyl vehicle wraps keep your vehicle in excellent condition by protecting it from minor dents, scratches, and road debris. Some can even be easily removed without damaging your car’s paint. However, using the wrong material can cause serious issues. 

For example, a calendered vinyl is ineffective because it is not designed to be stretched to fit your vehicle’s curves and corners. Avoid having major problems when installing the graphics by avoiding settling with the lowest price and discussing with your printing company.

Don’t cover dents, dings, and damage

The surface of your vehicle must be spotlessly clean and in good condition before the graphics are applied. If you use a car that is full of rust, damage, cuts, scratches, dings, and dents, the graphics you used won’t hold up as you expected.

Surface preparation is essential in vehicle graphics. It might be an obvious step, but many inexperienced applicators tend to overlook or skip this process. Because of this, contaminated substrates are one of the leading causes of vinyl failure.

As such, it’s important to prepare the surface of your car by cleaning it by using the proper cleaning solution and tools; then, you can place the adhesives. This way, you can guarantee that the surface is free of wax, grease, and silicone and assure the adhesive performs properly regardless of your installation method and material. 


As a business owner, you might be tempted to skimp on vehicle graphics to save money and stay profitable. But remember that your advertisements reflect your image, brand, and products and services, so make sure to get your money’s worth and desired results by avoiding the common mistakes listed above. 

Don’t forget to hire only reputable printing professionals to work on your vehicle graphics and make them something you are proud to put your company name on.

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